Decatur Plan ~ 2020 Summary of Material Modifications

Some, many, or all of you may have received notice from the Decatur Plan that is reflected below. If you want to view the actual document that is referenced, without going throug the steps below, simply click here. Please be advised, the link contained in the attachment did not appear to be working when we tried it, and we suggest usting the URL provided below (it has been enlarged for ease of identification)…

The Fund is excited to announce our new Wellness Power Partner, Telligen. The program, effective 1-1-2020, offers new disease management and coaching initiatives as well as incentives dollars and rewards for participants and spouses.

Please follow the instructions below to read the notice from our website.

Go to
Click the “Documents & Forms” button
Click the Drop-Down arrow to Select Category – Wellness Power
Click the Download link under the “View File” heading on the 2020 Wellness Power line
Click Open to read the Summary of Material Modifications – 2020 Wellness Power notice

You can also go to and click on the link at the bottom of the page “Summary of Material Modifications – 2020 Wellness Power” to access the notice.

**You have the option at any time to opt out of this agreement. You may do so by contacting the Fund Office at 1-800-765-4239 or by emailing