Ameren Missouri

Local Union Contacts

Ricky Buchheit

Business Representative

(618) 663-8993



Brett Burger

Cape Electric Dept, Construction Group

Nick Allen

Cape Electric Dept, Troubleman Group

Dan Wilkens

Cape Gas Dept

Brody Roper

Dexter Electric Dept, Construction Group

Jimmy Aldridge

Dexter Electric Dept, Troubleman Group

Gary Gilbert

Dexter Gas Dept

Company Information


Russell Burger

SEMO Division Manager

45 S. Minnesota

Cape Girardeau, MO 63703

P: 573-651-5712

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    Union Meeting Information

    Meeting Site: Sikeston Unit

    Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each Month at the Miner Convention Center, 2610 E. Malone Ave., Miner, MO at 6:30 P.M.; Executive Committee meeting: 1st Thursday of each month.


    Good Catch / Near Miss Reporting

    Union and Company re-commit to "no negative consequences" for reporting of Good Catches and Near Misses.

    To view the February 2017 letter signed by all the appropriate Union and Company personnel, please click here.