Alert: Loadbreak Bushing Inserts Missing Ground (Drain) Wires!


Concern – During recent underground circuit inspections, many pad mount transformers have been found that do not have ground (drain) wires attached between the transformer tank and the bushing insert. Without the drain-wire, it is possible to build up charge on the insert. This charge may discharge gradually over time to the well or elbow in which case there may be erosion/tracking. The charge may also discharge rapidly if contacted by a grounded item. In this case, bodily injury or equipment damage may occur.

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*While this bulletin has been issued by Ameren (please do not contact the numbers at the bottom if you are not on Ameren property), it is a good safety reminder of the proper installations that should exist on all pad mounted transformers. If you should discover situations like this on your property, please contact the respective safety department representatives, as well as your Local Union office so that we may be apprised of these matters.