Snakes in the Meter Base


Brothers & Sisters: On the following attachment, you will see what one crew found in an electrical meter base out in the field. While this was not an IBEW Local 702 crew (we believe it was possibly an Oklahoma Gas & Electric crew), it is still a good reminder of what hazards may be lurking out there, sometimes well hidden from view. Please consider sharing this with your co-workers, especially those that are on single-man trucks that might get into meter bases in remote locations. Acknowledgement must be given to IBEW Local 702 Brother Dave Colvett from SEMO Electric Cooperative for passing this on to us. The caption that was sent along with the original email said: Safety issues in field. Never, never open an outdoor panel without gloves AND a good pair of running shoes!! These are cottonmouths! Very painful and deadly!

This may make you a bit more cautious before opening an electrical panel…

Please click here to see the eight-pages of pictures of what they found!