IBEW Local 702 & SEMO Coop Agree to move Mechanic Classification

During the 2019 contract negotiations between SEMO Electric Cooperative and IBEW Local Union No. 702 for the Clerical Unit, the Parties discussed the abiliyt / opportunity to move the Mechanic Classification from the Clerical contract to the Lineworker’s Agreement. Those conversations resulted in the successful transfer of the Mechanic position from the Clerical Unit to the Lineworker’s Unit, effective January 1st, 2020.

To view the executed and approved Addendum removing the Mechanic’s classification from the Clerical Unit, please click here.

To view the executed and approved Addendums placing the Mechanic’s classification into the Lineworker’s Unit, along with the agreement for the Unit pertaining to Out of Town meals, please click here.